A hygienic counterattack to stains and dust mites. Velfont mattress and pillow covers and moisture-proof Respira bed sheets and pillowcases provide exclusive but indiscernible protection against all liquids, stains and dust mites. The products are breathable, but waterproof, conform to shape and can be machine washed.

The mattress covers prevent the vital activity of dust mites and thereby increase sleeping comfort and the hygiene in the bed. The top surface of Velfont and Nancy mattress covers is made of pleasantly soft terrycloth, which is cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter, and organic cotton fabric from the Respira product line.

The reverse sides of the Respira sheets are various colours. Take a look at the products and their properties and choose your favorite – enter the online store here.

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Velfont product introduction here!

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Velamen SA

Velamen SA was founded in Barcelona in 1971. The company is specialised in the production and marketing of textiles for the home. Velamen used high tech to produce its products, and develops and improves its work methods to suit the various products. The company’s most famous and popular products are the Velfont mattress covers, of which several are included in our product range. Velfont and Respira products are sold, for instance, at Stockmann, Etola-koti stores, Kärkkäinen, and the online store.

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