Hygienic polyurethane covers

We make non-flammable and waterproof mattress and pillow covers with polyurethane coatings that conform to the measurements in use in hospitals and care institutions that conform to sl-1 standards. The products are sewn according to the shape of the base product, are zippered, and a large strips can be left on the edges, etc. The customer places the order and we deliver the selected product. Our customers include health care institutions, hospitals, homes for the elderly, etc. We try to fulfil all your special wishes.

Colours and processing: many colours are available, for example light and dark blue, light green, beige, yellow or a colour preferred by the customer. We provide special processing, I.E. Bio-pruf anti-bacterial processing, a wipeable surface, permanent non-flammability and an elastic material that stretches in two directions.

Other possibilities: you can choose the side for the zipper; a product with or without edging; a turned-back edge, etc. We use wide fabrics and, therefore, the prices are competitive.