Cotton terrycloth towels

We can supply cotton terrycloth towels from high-quality and first-class producers in less than a week. Based on the orders, large shipments for hotels, shipping companies, hospitals or laundries with logos or company names are sourced from turkey or farther afield at competitive prices. Tell us your wishes and we will give you the best competitive price quote. The delivery time may be from two to three months. We prepare our price quotes based on the customers’ wishes and carefully consider the price fluctuations in raw materials and currency exchange rates. It is important that the order indicate the size, colour, weight and structure that are required. And whether you would like a logo, stripes or, for example, a jacquard pattern.

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Terrycloth products for beauty salons

We supply a wide range of exclusive terrycloth towels for beauty salons. Ask for a price quote for our terrycloth towels for beauty salons. Do you need hand towels, colourful towels to cover worktables, pleasantly fluffy bath towels or luxurious robes? Call and ask for more information.

A popular new material is the soft and durable no problem material that is comprised of microfibres that provides a splendid use experience. The material withstands laundering and intensive use and retains its non-flammable properties.

Also take a look at the terrycloth towels and robes in the no problem hotel range that is in stock in our warehouse.

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No problem hotel luxus terrycloth products

Our luxuriously fluffy no problem hotel luxus terrycloth products are stocked in our warehouse. We can supply small quantities of soft 475 g/m² white terrycloth towels. The material is heavier, softer and more exclusive than ordinary hotel textiles, but the price is competitive.


Hand towel 50×70 cm
Bath towel 70×140 cm
Bath towel 100×150 cm
Bathroom mat 50×70 cm (650 g/m2).