Meeting the needs of any restaurant

In addition to our no problem range of fabric tablecloths that splendidly and permanently repel dirt, our wide range of restaurant linens includes a large selection of other table linens (download the product introduction). The stylish products made from specially processed polyester fibres are easy to care for and help to keep your cleaning costs down. The no problem tablecloths will not shrink when washed and are durable when used indoors or outdoors.

The customer can order made-to-measure table skirts and specify the pleats. The range includes non-flammable and dirt-repellent table linens.

Our selection also includes many tablecloths made of traditional cotton and various other fabrics, linen tablecloths with acrylic coatings, pvc-table pads – that is, all possible solutions, based on the interior design and needs of the restaurant.

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