If you need high-quality No Problem napkins in a hurry, we have two styles of white cotton napkins with woven patterns and satin edging in our warehouse:

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A beautifully set table and stylishly folded cloth napkins will create a pleasant impression of your restaurant in the eyes of the customers and professionals.
No Problem napkins are made of 100% cotton or, if you wish, from linen or 100% spun polyester. The napkins are smooth as velvet, but have excellent absorbent qualities and are wear-resistant.

Available in dozens of different colours and fabric patterns.
Size determined by the customer; usual sizes are 50 x 50 cm, 53 x 53 cm and 56 x 56 cm.


Size: 55×55 cm
Product specifications: 100% cotton, approx. 200 g/m². Withstands chlorine bleach, mercerised cotton, two edges hemmed and two with selvage edges. Photo at left.

Size: 53×53 cm
Product specifications: 100% cotton, approx. 200 g/m². Indanthren®, withstands chlorine bleach, mercerised cotton, all edges hemmed. Photo at left.

If you wish, we can design a fabric pattern, as well as add logos, etc. to the customer’s napkins or tablecloths.

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