Høie blankets and pillows

Perfect comfort! Mascot-høie as is a norwegian company that has operated for more than 160 years. It is the largest manufacturer of fibre and down blankets and pillows, bedlinen and interior design textiles in the nordic countries. The company’s products are characterised by excellent quality and nordic elegance. Høie products are used by numerous loyal customers who refuse to buy the products offered by others – be it blankets, pillows, bedlinen, throws or other products. Høie is known for its environmental friendliness (read more).

All høie products carry the öko-tex label and they are ideally suited to people who suffer from allergies. Before you decide to buy new pillows or blankets, stop by one of our resellers and familiarize yourself with høie products – they softness, fluffiness and unique comfort!

Take a look at the various products and their properties and find your favourite!

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Production and materials

Mascot høie is a nordic company that is known for its environmental friendliness, ecological and toxic-free manufacturing processes and ethical work practices. The company’s workers are well versed in the production processes and raw materials that do the least damage to our environment. The factory is located on the edge of fjord and the atlantic coast near trondheim.

Blankets and pillows

Comfort, environmental friendliness and the best quality execution and materials are always at the forefront when selecting blankets and pillows. Høie large product range includes high-quality products made from traditional materials, as well as innovative solutions that utilize the latest technological achievements.

The most amazing new product introduced in the last few years is the høie downfeel range of pillows. The pillows in this range are ideally suited for all users – from children to the elderly, those who sleep on their stomachs and those who sleep on their backs, those who prefer down pillows and those to like fibre materials, as well as those who suffer from allergies. The reason is a unique microfibre filling that is only 1/10 the thickness of ordinary ball fibre; and which therefore creates the feeling that genuine down has been used as the filling. Downfeel is the factory’s greatest best seller of all time

Other successful products include the microfibre in the optimal product range, which is combined with first-class, moisture draining climafill; or the down products produced in a local factory that are filled with the down of european ducks.

The blankets are always full size, I.E. 150 x 210 cm for one person and 200 x 220 cm for two. The amount of filling depends on the material that is used, the temperature class and product range. Our product selection includes more than ten product ranges and several dozen pillow and blanket options. The common characteristic of all the models is the fabrics that are used – soft and exclusive, with differences that can be noticed only after careful examination and comparison. You will be able to select the best option for you.

The products are sold by leading department stores, furniture stores and online stores. The product selection may differ depending on the reseller!

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High-quality and exclusive comfort are the characteristic properties of Høie bed sheets, which is supported by Scandinavian design.

Høie has manufactured bedding for more than 160 years and is thoroughly familiar with the taste preferences and expectations of Nordic consumers. Our selection of bed sheets has included these popular products for years, for example, Høie’s products woven from the famous Kreppi fabric.

We are constantly improving our quality and production methods. Recently, flannel and satin products have been gaining popularity.

Easy-care: Duvet covers and pillowcases comprise a set and are packed together. The products have the Öko-Tex label and are easy to care for.

Buy them for your home: Bedlinen sets are sold at selected department stores, furniture stores and online stores. The product selection may differ depending on the reseller.

Also suitable for commercial use: Høie provides demanding commercial customers with non-flammable cotton bed sheets, which can even be used on oil drilling platforms and long-distance trains.

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Interior furnishings products

Environmentally friendly and nordic home textiles give an interior their final polish.

Høie also provides elegant and high-quality woollen throws. The material is 100% woolmark wool. The product range changes from year to year and season to season, but the recurring properties of all the products are stylish natural colours and patterns that are classical and inspired by nature.

The woollen products are naturally non-flammable and are well suited for hotels. On the bottom left is a picture of the lapland hotel in oulu.

The products have the öko-tex label and are easy to care for.

Our interior design products are sold at selected department stores, furniture stores and online stores. The product selection may differ depending on the reseller. Take a look at our online store selection here .

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