Pillows and blankets

The no problem product range includes sl1- and imo-class non-flammable blankets and pillows intended for commercial use. Our products include the unique høie nordic collection of pillows and bedspreads covered with extreme comfortable and breathable 100% cotton fabric. These products are ideal for applications that require cotton, but non-flammable material.

Our most popular models are the competitive and durable products covered with no problem hotel and hotel luxus trevira cs fabrics.

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Our no problem product range withstands frequent laundering. It also includes the competitively priced hotel product range, which provides a blanket with hollow fibre filling with various warmth ratings and pillows in two sizes, which are filled with silicone-coated fibre balls. When washed and utilised, silicone-coated fibres are much more durable than ordinary fire safety fibres since the fibres do not stick together.

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No problem hotel luxus pillows and blankets

Our luxus products are easy to use; they are exclusive and durable. The purpose of developing the product range was to provide the user with peaceful sleep. The pillow resembles a genuine down pillow, and the blanket is fluffy and airy, like a down blanket. In addition to be pleasant to use, the products are safe and suitable for commercial use. And yet, the price level is competitive.

The covering fabric is soft and pleasant 100% non-flammable trevira cs. The blanket is quilted in a wavy or checked pattern. The edges are turned over and edged. The pillow is covered with the same fabric and edged. The colour is blue-white, silver or white depending on the model.


The blankets are filled with non-flammable hollow polyester fibre or fluffy, super-soft 3-d fibre that resembles down and non-balling microfibres.

Blanket material

The blankets can be washed in 60º water. The products can be commercially laundered, and the non-flammable properties are permanent. The products have been tested according to international standards and they have received a type approval from vtt fire safety labs, and they can be used under the most stringent conditions.

Standard sizes

Blankets: 140 x 200 cm, 145×200 cm or 150 x 200 cm, double-wide blankets can be special ordered, e.G. 220×200 cm, 230×220 cm etc.
Pillows: 50 x 60 cm and 60 x 80 cm, weight 500 g, 600g, 800 g, 1200 g, 1400 g.
Weight classes of the filling material e.G. 600 g, 700 g, 900 g, 1050 g

Other sizes and dimensions can also be ordered. And clients can also choose their own filling.