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Our commercial product range includes various products for restaurants, for example, traditional cotton, polyester and linen tablecloths; traditional cotton napkins and new generation spun-polyester napkins. In addition, we offer other accessories, such as non-slip tablecloths and buffet table clips.

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Why choose our No Problem range of tablecloths?

The tablecloths in our No Problem range have been used in Finnish restaurants since 1994, and today thousands of restaurant tables are covered with No Problem tablecloths. The edges of these tablecloths, which are made from special materials, are finished according to the customer’s wishes with a seam or a border. All the tablecloths are permanently dirt-repellent and stain-repellent. The product range includes dozens of different patterns and 60 different sizes, which ensures almost limitless possibilities for creating interiors of any style. It is easy to find a suitable tablecloth!

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Cotton tablecloths

Traditional cotton tablecloths are available in all colour shades, sizes and patterns, starting with smooth fabrics with embroidery, to those decorated with the user’s logo or patterns. Our product range includes favourably price basic models and special orders. Materials include 100% cotton or cotton blends in a variety of colour combinations. Our products are produced in european factories and this is reflected in their quality – the products are suitable for five-star hotels.

Linen products

Linen and materials with linen fibres come in a variety of colours and patterns. The products are produced in the quantity needed by the customer. No minimum order is required.

Linen fabric with an acrylic coating

If you wish to use authentic linen fabric that would be easier to maintain, we offer a solution with no problem linen fabric with an acrylic coating. There is a thin invisible acrylic layer on the fabric that repels stains, and makes it easy to wipe any stains off. The tablecloth has to be laundered infrequently. There is a wide colour selection, and the products are made to measure. Wash in 40º water and iron on the reverse side.

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Gastronomie table pads

An indiscernible product that will finish off any table setting. The gastronomie pvc table pad, which is placed under the tablecloth, will keep the tablecloth from shifting, will soften the table surface and dampened the sound of the plates and cutlery. A quick and inexpensive way to renew a damaged table surface or protect the table from scratches and moisture. The standard colour is white; the pad can be machine washed, and is practically wear-proof. Available by the roll or by the metre. Width 130 cm; length of one roll 15 m. Can be cut to suit the size of the table. Produced in germany. Gastronomie is the top product in its field.