Specialised home textiles

Along with specialised textiles for public spaces, we also export bedding for domestic households. This includes various blankets, pillows, mattress pads as well as dirt-repellent and waterproof, but breathable, mattress and pillow protectors that are pleasant to use and easy to clean. The products are hygienic and efficiently lengthened the life of the bedding. Our product range includes other specialised textiles, e.g. robes, terrycloth products, high-quality bedlinen, temperature regulating mattress covers, waterproof bed sheets, etc.

Take a look at our products and you will be convinced of their high quality. We are an importer and do not sell directly to the consumers. Our customers are served by our resellers: www.Sisustus1.fi online store, Etola-koti stores, Stockmann, Kärkkäinen and well-stocked furniture stores. The list of resellers is available here!