No Problem robes

Luxurious and soft, these very absorbent robes in a variety of sizes are the perfect finishing touch for a hotel room or spa. We will prepare price quotes for any material available on the market, so that the customer has the opportunity to purchase the perfect robe for pampering its guests. We strive to always keep the most popular products in stock. Labels can be embroidered on all the robes or applied by other means. And microchips can be attached to them.

Materials are available to satisfy the most demanding customers

A very exclusive, soft and pleasant material that is totally different from traditional terrycloth. It is suitable to be worn when wet or dry. It does shrink, is lighter than cotton, easy to wash and dries quickly. Available in many sizes and colours. The product can also be embroidered. The standard model is white.

No Problem hotel spa kimono, cotton/pes: an excellent selection for hotels and spas. A first-class material that combines 100% cotton terrycloth on the inside with soft, short microfibre on the outside. It is a soft, easy-care and quick drying robe for demanding customers. Thanks to the material, there is minimal shrinkage when laundered.

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Traditional terrycloth

Old, familiar 100% cotton terrycloth robes are always available in various weight classes from 300 to 500 g/m², with a collar or kimono cut, with roll-up or straight sleeves, with and without a breast pocket. Your company’s logo is easy to embroider onto the terrycloth robe.

No Problem hotel woven poly-cotton terrycloth: innovative, very durable and competitively priced material for intensive use. The robe is made of woven fabric, which is 100% polyester. Threads cannot be pulled out of the material and usually there is less shrinkage.

Waffle fabric: lightweight cotton waffle fabric is another option for robes. These robes can be laundered easily and quickly. The fabric is elegant and looks like new after laundering. In the case of waffle fabric robes, it is important that the material has been pre-moistened and shrunken, so that it would not shrink when laundered.
Machine-embroidery can be applied. Several colours available.

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