Mattress and pillow covers

The waterproof but breathable material that has been used to produce the mattress and pillow covers in the no problem product range protects mattresses and pillows from stains, liquids and dust mites. We were the first in finland to introduce mattress and pillows covers suitable for use in accommodation institutions and homes.

The reverse side of the covers is made polyurethane and the top of terrycloth or smooth jersey fabric. No problem covers are pleasant to use; they do not rustle or cause the sleeper to perspire. No minimum order is required. The covers can be laundered in 60º to 90º water, and do not need to be ironed. They can also be sent to the laundry. The usual colour is white, but other colours can be special ordered.

No problem mattress covers can be made for any size bed (e.G. 80/90/100/105/120/140/160/180/200 x 200/205/210 cm).

The pillow covers are suitable for the usual size pillows – 50×60 cm and 60×80 cm.

Our basic product range includes products in the sl2 fire-resistance category; and the no problem d-fresh product range is made of sl1-category material with non-flammable properties. The need to wash and replace mattresses and pillows is significantly reduced when used the covers. No problem mattress covers are sewn according to the shape of the mattress, and are put right below the bottom sheet, on top of the mattress pad. The pillow covers have zippers and also protect the pillows from dust mites, and even bedbugs. No problem covers are being used on tens of thousands of beds.

Innovative, non-flammable no problem D-fresh FR

A natural material called lycocell is used to produce an innovative non-flammable mattress cover called no problem d-fresh fr. The reserve side is made of waterproof yet breathable polyurethane. Both sides have permanent non-flammable properties, which remain even after being laundered.
The material has been given the öko-tex 100 label and undergone bedlinen fire safety tests (sl1-category) that conform to european en iso 12952 standards.

Colour: white,
Laundering: products can be machine laundered in 60º water
Size: all sizes available

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No problem protex SL1

This material was initially developed for use in the finnish railway company. The fire safety requirements for railway compartments are very strict for mattress and pillow covers, and no problem protex conforms to these requirements. The reverse side of the product is a fluffy terrycloth fabric of kanecaron cotton and polyurethane with a protective coating, which is moisture-proof and permanent non-flammable properties. It is light beige and can be laundered in 60º water. The user cannot feel that the bedlinen are polyurethane. Protex is an excellent choice for passenger ships, prisons and jails, care homes, psychiatric hospitals and health care institutions, treatment centres for alcoholism and drug addiction, dormitories, etc.

If you require non-flammable mattress covers, ask for a price quote!

Hygienic polyurethane covers

We make non-flammable and waterproof mattress and pillow covers with polyurethane coatings that conform to the measurements in use in hospitals and care institutions that conform to sl-1 standards. The products are sewn according to the shape of the base product, are zippered, and a large strips can be left on the edges, etc. The customer places the order and we deliver the selected product. Our customers include health care institutions, hospitals, homes for the elderly, etc. We try to fulfil all your special wishes.

Colours and processing: many colours are available, for example light and dark blue, light green, beige, yellow or a colour preferred by the customer. We provide special processing, I.E. Bio-pruf anti-bacterial processing, a wipeable surface, permanent non-flammability and an elastic material that stretches in two directions.

Other possibilities: you can choose the side for the zipper; a product with or without edging; a turned-back edge, etc. We use wide fabrics and, therefore, the prices are competitive.

No problem abso bedspreads

Intended for heavy use in hospitals, care institutions, and for home care. The specially processed material is comprised of several layers and its special properties include excellent absorption and trapping of liquids between the layers of material, which helps the surface to dry quickly. The protective cover absorbs liquid at a rate of 2.5 l per m² and can be washed over 200 times. Available with and without wings. Small quantities immediately available from stock.

Colours: we offer colours from white to green and light blue. When order large quantities, you can choose any colour. Quilted patterns can also be selected.
Size: e.G.85×110 cm

Specifications for sample products: no problem abso has four functional layers that are laminated together. The first layer is comprised of technical fibres that quickly direct moisture and liquids into the bottom layers, so that the top surface dries in a few minutes and the user does not have a wet bed. The liquid is locked between the lower layers and the mattress does not become damp. Abso can be laundered repeatedly (up to 150 times) in up to 90º water and be tumble dried. The absorption capacity of abso is up to 2.2 litres. The mattress and pillow covers are comfortable to use, and provide significant cost savings. The pillow covers are imperceptible to the user. The material repels liquid and dirt, but is breathable.