Why choose our No Problem range of tablecloths?

NoThe tablecloths in our No Problem range have been used in Finnish restaurants since 1994, and today thousands of restaurant tables are covered with No Problem tablecloths. The edges of these tablecloths, which are made from special materials, are finished according to the customer’s wishes with a seam or a border. All the tablecloths are permanently dirt-repellent and stain-repellent. The product range includes dozens of different patterns and 60 different sizes, which ensures almost limitless possibilities for creating interiors of any style. It is easy to find a suitable tablecloth!

First, select a suitable material and design, and then we will deliver the ready-to-use products. Here are some examples of suitable products for different locations.

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A tablecloth that is always clean

The polyester fibre produced using a special technology undergoes special processing making the tablecloth dirt-repellent and the removal of scraps and stains much easier. Therefore, our tablecloths need to be replaced and laundered far less than untreated tablecloths. The dirt-repellent treatment is permanent and will not be removed by laundering. Unlike other dirt-repellent tablecloths, the No Problem cloths do not need to be retreated.

Easy to clean

No Problem tablecloths will not shrink when laundered. They do not need to be ironed, and are very durable when used indoors or outdoors. Small stains can be removed with a damp cloth and are soon ready to be used again.

No Problem need to be laundered less frequently than ordinary tablecloths. They can be washed in an ordinary washing machine or commercially laundered at temperatures between 40º and 60º. The tablecloths can be ironed or a commercial ironing machine at 110º. The tablecloths can also be dry cleaned if necessary. When you use No Problem tablecloths, you won’t need to conclude a long-term contract with a laundry.


Less expensive to clean, with a smaller workload

When using No Problem tablecloths you can save up to 80% compared to traditional rented or cotton tablecloths. The cost savings alone with pay for the No Problem tablecloths. The staff’s workload will be also reduced, the amount of tablecloths will be reduced and the laundry costs will decrease by up to 90%. The life of the tablecloths is significantly longer than that of traditional tablecloths.

Choose a pattern, size and colours shades to suit the interior of the location

Our No Problem collection includes fabrics with various patterns and dozens of colour shades – from trendy patterns to classical monochromatic tablecloths, which create a unique and stylish appearance in any restaurant. Some of the fabrics are double-sided (e.g. damask) and allow two different colour worlds to be created with only one tablecloth. We will provide the customer with the necessary tablecloths in a suitable size. No minimum order is required.

Large and updated product range

Below is a part of our wide colour selection. Ask for more information about the product range from our sales representative or tell us you wishes and we can design a suitable pattern together. The Fiora fabric pattern includes the largest product range, which can be used to design other textiles.

Samples and color shades

Take a look at the samples of the No Problem dirt-repellent tablecloths and the available colours. Information is displayed under each sample.


Fiora is best suited to places where the tablecloths are in constant use. The fabric has a dense flat weave and the monochromatic and patterned surfaces are very beautiful. This material is best suited for buffet tables and also as tablecloths and napkins. Fiora does not shrink when laundered; does not need ironing and practically never creases. Based on metres, Fiora is our most popular fabric and the best priced fabric in our product range

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The most popular product in Finnish restaurants by far! Damask tablecloths have a checked woven pattern, and the light coloured two-in-one tablecloths are suitable for many locations: both sides can be used, because the fabric is white on the reverse. Damask is very durable and does not shrink when laundered. It does not need to be ironed and almost unable to be creased.

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